Sponson Group teams with NJIT on project to examine dispersed oil mixing energy

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Sponson Group Inc. is working with Dr. Michel Boufadel (Lead PI from New Jersey Institute of Technology) to examine mixing energy regimes in the laboratory preparation of Water Accommodated Fractions (WAFs) and Chemically Enhanced WAFs (CE-WAFs). The work is funded by Fisheries and Oceans Canada, National Contaminants Advisory Group. The effort may eventually lead to updates in the CROSERF standard laboratory protocols that are often used when preparing oil and dispersed oil solutions for laboratory experiments. The work is proposed as a two-year effort that will commence in Spring 2018.

Risk analysis for offshore decommissioning

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Sponson Group scientists and associates have teamed with ExxonMobil to present at the upcoming SETAC Europe 2018 conference in Rome. The authors will be presenting in a session focused on new developments on approaches to improve environmental risk assessment of oil and gas operations. The presentation is entitled, “Adapting the SIMA Process to Assess Offshore Decommissioning Options”.


Authors:  A. Aziz (ExxonMobil Corporation), P. Taylor (Petronia Consulting Ltd.), G. Coelho (Sponson Group, Inc.) and T. Coolbaugh (ExxonMobil Corporation)

SIMA paper presented at IOSC 2017

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Dr. Gina Coelho, Mr. James Staves, and Mr. David Fritz co-authored a paper on the Application of Spill Impact Mitigation Assessment (SIMA) in the United States. The paper was presented at the International Oil Spill Conference in Long Beach, CA in May 2017.

Sponson Group scientists present at Clean Gulf 2016

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Dr. Gina Coelho and Mr. Jim Staves presented "Guidance on SSDI Monitoring:  Informing Response Operations" as part of the Subsea Monitoring session at the November 2016 Clean Gulf conference in Tampa FL.

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