Sponson - noun spon·son \ˈspän(t)-sən\.   On watercraft or planes, a projection that extends outward to improve stability, prevent capsizing, and maintain direction so they can be pushed to their limits.

Our Vision

At the Sponson Group, we are committed to the belief that the pursuit of energy and the critical infrastructure that powers our nation need not be at the expense of the environment that nurtures and connects all living things. Instead, the Sponson Group strives to help balance intelligent, sustainable development and environmental protection by promoting decision processes that are based on sound science, and the constructive engagement of all affected stakeholders. Collectively, our core team has successfully applied that philosophy for over 80 years, while supporting clients, without bias, in the private sector, academia, non-governmental organizations, and government agencies.

Ms. Ann G. Slaughter
Principal Senior Scientist

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Our Associate Experts

Sponson Group teams with the following world-class experts to provide broad reaching, multi-disciplinary support to our global clients.

Mr. David Fritz
Mr. Leigh Stevens
(New Zealand)
Mr. James Staves
Mr. Francois Merlin
Mr. Peter Taylor

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